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Straights... Gays... Eww....

I'm new, so hello. I should losen up soon... If I can last here that long...

Why do people like licking fecal matter out of other people's butt? You know you can get shigella and shit from that. Worms in your stomach, among other nasty whore diseases. I don't mind gay folks, but why can't they be sanitary?

And why do skinny gay guys act like little brats? I don't mind lesbians, but gay guys make me so mad with how stupid they act... Buff gay guys act pretty normal, but the skinny gay guys who wear short shorts to the beach make me wonder if they are competent enough to deserve respect from the people who insult them. I am not against homosexuality in any way, but if you want respect, shouldnt you respect yourself and other folks?
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