Two eggbeaters do not a spaceship make. (hill_the_khore) wrote in straightsvsgays,
Two eggbeaters do not a spaceship make.


So here's my problem. I'm a gay dude, and I'm not sure if I actually hate straight dudes or gay dudes. I think, instead, that I hate certain behaviors that come from gay dudes, and I associate them with gay dudes, so I therefore hate gay dudes. However, whenever a straight person has these same characteristics, I hate him too. Technically, my hatred is fair and equal. Among the hated items are:

Weak wrists
Excessive fake feelings
Fakely high-pitched voices

Now, I know several people who display these characteristics at times who I like. However, they manage to show me privately that these things are not them. I'm worried, though. Does anyone else think they hate the typical characteristics of gay men rather than all gays?
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